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Sunrise in Byron Bay is one of the most spectacular time of the day. Take a walk up to the lighthouse and watch the sun kiss the land as this is the most easterly point in Australia. Sun splashes over Byron Bay first every day. 

Experience the Life of Byron Bay

Ever wanted to live and work in Byron Bay, Australia ? Well now is a good time to come and enjoy the Australian way of life. Plenty of opportunity here and plenty of places to see.

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Safe LGBTQ Travel

If you are looking for safe countries to visit as a LGBTQ family or person then make sure you familiarize yourself with the countries that are LGBTQ friendly. Did you know that there are still over 30 countries where we can not travel safely?

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Sydney For One Night

We went to Sydney for a day and a night. Ah we forget what it's like to travel without the kids. Bliss and we had a fantastic quick trip.

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Iceland, LGBTQ Safe

Iceland is a place for all of us to visit and see true transformation. We LGBTQ folks are only accepted in Iceland we are celebrated according to Richard Chapman - The Ultimate Guide to Gay Iceland.

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Four Seasons Sydney

Dont get Room 1908 unless you want to view the off ramp of the Sydnay Harbour Bridge. We stayed here recently and it was a bit disappointing to about the view.

Our Accommodation For Our Europe Trip

Here is a snippet of our accommodation we have booked for our trip to Europe. August 30 - October 15 2023

Sorrento, Italy
Rome, Italy
Olive Grove & Oakwood Villa, Lucca, Italy
Grand Plaza Apartments, London
Loizos Stylish Residences - Santorini
Aparthotel Adagio Paris Centre Tour Eiffel

Welcome to the Q travel family!

We take pride in bringing you the best travel and hotel experiences possible for our LGBTQ families. We are heading off to Europe in 4 days and we will be providing reviews of all our experiences along the way at Q Travel Blog on Facebook. If there is somewhere you have experienced and want to share it please send us a message or fill in the contact form. We would love to hear form you and share your amazing travels too.

Safe for all LGBTQ travelers. Make sure you see all the landmarks and do a Buckingham Palace tour. We will give our review once we have experienced this tour. We are heading for London in 4 days Aug 30.
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We will give our rating once we have visited. This is our 2nd stop on our big trip
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Italy we are coming and we will be exploring the following places around Italy. Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Pompei, Rome, Lucca, Venice. Can't wait to see your history and what you have to offer as a country in Europe.
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On our way to France we will be stopping in Lucerne, Switzerland. Then off to Disneyland and Paris near the Eiffel Tower 7th district. So much to do and see and we look forward to capturing all of this amazing travel.
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We have booked and planned a 6 week, 5 countries trip to Europe.

We will share with you all our travels and experiences along the way.