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We are a family of four and we explore the world by finding places that are safe for LGBTQ families and travelers.

I started this blog to capture our travels as a family and to help other LGBTQ families find safe and amazing places to visit.

When I started researching the internet to find gay family travel nothing, then I stumbled upon this great article Family Travel Vs Gay Family Travel and bam there it was an explanation about what is different between our family travelling to places and straight families travelling to places –  by 2traveldads.com 

What I really liked about this explanation is that is how we feel, what makes us a gay family is how comfortable we feel about the places we visit. Hence, why our first place on our big trip in September, we are going to London, UK. Now I have been here and it is a country that I know we will be safe in. 

After much research on LGBTQ and travelling I have discovered there are still many countries whereby we are illegal and it is not safe to visit, single or family travels. This makes me very sad and very grateful to be born and reside in a more accepting country. Read More…

There is not a lot of queer families writing about their travels, even if it is just one night in Sydney as I have captured. We are going to take you with us and show you Australia from a rainbow point of view. Let’s be clear here, you might not even recognize our queer family because we are just like any ordinary family travelling around the world. This is probably more my point being that family and the LGBTQ community are humans just like the rest of you.

When we take trips with the kids we are not doing anything differnet 

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J W Marriott Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

In the above picture we organized a little getaway to the Gold Coast in QLD. It was a Christmas gift to the kids for Christmas. As we were in Bali for Christmas, we had to do vouchers for their gifts. Read More here 

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Thanks for stopping by and we hope you will join us in exploring this beautiful world.  
If you would like to share your travelsplease send us an email qtravelblog@gmail.com or fill in our contact page. 
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